Study Abroad


Over the past , Couple of years, looking for a global education has been increasing in Canada. They boast top-quality schooling and warm welcoming them around world. Their cultural diversity with a safe and peaceful environment attracts a huge amount of Nepalese students too.


Among the Nepalese students Australia is a one the popular destination to study for a variety of purpose like cultural diversity , top quality education and suitable environment for porper growth of ones life . one of the main reason for Australia is they are offering enormous scholarship because they have low population as that to increment in employment opportunities .morever, degrees of Australia is recognized in world wide.

New Zealand

New zeland is one of the wolrd best country in term of natural beauty and landscape as the perfect place to live a healty and prosperous life

University of newzeland entails in QS world ranking as that providing greate quality education which is equally recognized as similar as british education system. But it come with much lower tuitions fees with various scholarship plans .